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As I write at the end of 2020 Garden Haven is just beginning its quest to offer one of the finest selections of quality garden plants and all manner of home and garden accessories and gifts. Whatever your reason for gardening, or need for garden orientated gifts or products, we aim to offer something to satisfy your requirement. Growing a successful online business is a little like raising children. They start small, grow quickly, consume an unbelievable amount of resources, develop a healthy physical structure, accumulate more knowledge, learn new skills in dealing with people, yes and make mistakes, but with the right caring parentage, support and a desire to do well, they grow into successful adults.
Perhaps, unlike the average child, we do aim to please all of the time! We hope you will share this exciting journey from child to adulthood with us, by visiting Garden Haven regularly to satisfy your home and gardening or gift requirements and help us develop Garden Haven into a super successful, mature adult, that we hope will be a friend to you forever! One of the best ways to do this is to sign up to our Newsletter where you can learn what we are planning to do next, enjoy interesting topical tips, offers and exclusive club member promotions. As an added incentive, all our subscribers receive a 10% discount on all purchases over £50, in addition to any other offers or promotions.

  • Subscribers receive a 10% discount on all purchases over £50.
  • All items send directly from our Sussex Nurseries .
  • Next Day Delivery as Standard

Some Super Important Information

Unlike garden centres and many online sellers, we aim to offer most of our hardy plants all year round, not just when they look at their best. This is a very challenging objective for us to achieve but provides a superb opportunity for you to complete your projects without having to wait for a plant to be “In season”. You can browse a great range when it suits you and without finding too many are out of stock. We have over 200,000 plants in stock at any one time to meet this objective. All we ask is that you understand that plants that are available all year, will not always look at their best. In autumn deciduous plants will have dying leaves, death involves decay, which is a natural process that we neither can, nor want, to try and stop. In winter some plants, notably herbaceous plants and some ferns, may not have any growth above the soil at all. In the growing season we are constantly pruning our plants and like us, they don’t always look their best after a haircut. Give them a few weeks and the advantages will become obvious. For all these experiences your plant may have been through, they are none the less healthy and will perform well and give pleasure at the appropriate time. In the very unlikely event they do not, you are covered by our guarantee!

A Few Words about Images

The images we use are largely of the mature plant displaying the features for which it is primarily appreciated. As time goes by, we are working to include images of the current plants on sale, however this is a huge technical and logistical hurdle. As you can appreciate, plants change in appearance and size quite dramatically a number of times a year. To constantly update images of over 2500 different varieties of plants is not something we are yet able to do – but we are working on it. For much the same reason we are sorry, but we cannot supply images of individual plants. We are however very happy to give a written description of the current size and maturity if you message us.


We know most of you want your order as soon as possible, so we aim to dispatch orders placed before midday, the same day. Later orders will go next working day and all orders are sent by tracked, next working day delivery. We send many plants worldwide, so know from extensive experience, that they come to no harm in our packaging for many days. We can therefore confidentially dispatch on every working day of the week! We aim to keep post and packing charges to a minimum and are happy to supply bespoke quotations for orders of more than 20 plants at a single purchase. The vast majority of our packages are sent by Royal Mail. Larger packages are usually by Parcel Force who are expensive but offer a superb level of service. When the Parcel Force courier collects from us and delivers your parcel, the driver won’t be clambering over boxes just thrown in the back of the van. They will be placed on or picked off a sensibly organised shelf!
We believe this is one of the highest levels of service available from any independent garden online shop.

  • Royal Mail next day delivery - tracked as standard
  • All items send directly from our Sussex nurseries .
  • Larger packages are usually by Parcel Force

Our Plants

The plants we sell are here on our nursery in West Sussex. Unlike most of the other large online sellers, none are dispatched by third party suppliers. We control the growth, quality and dispatch, enabling us to keep any problems to a minimum, and if any should occur we are able to put them right quickly and efficiently.

Our Guarantee

Plants are the mainstay of Garden Haven. We offer a wide and interesting range of quality plants to cover many uses and are always looking for new or unusual plants to offer you. All our plants are guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase, subject only to proper care. Of the very few complaints we deal with, over 95% result in satisfied customers. We do not use “Proper care” as wording to hide behind, it is just to protect us from some of the more unreasonable claims that are made from time to time.

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All Garden Plants Guaranteed for One Year

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