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Rhododendron yakushimanum Percy Wiseman

Rhododendron yakushimanum Percy Wiseman

Camellia japonica Adeyaka

Camellia japonica Adeyaka

Camellia williamsii Senorita

Camellia williamsii Senorita - Rose of Winter - 9 cm Pot
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There can be few who have never seen a Camellia and been struck by the sheer beauty and volume of flowers even if they did not know what it was! Originally introduced from China and Japan this is the family of plants that tea is harvested from but sadly NOT this variety so please don't try (The tea plant is Camellia sinensis). Stunning, often large flowers, are generally produced on mass in spring and are set in front of beautiful glossy green foliage that lasts all year. Camellia williamsii Senorita is a williamsii hybrid raised by Les Jury in New Zealand and introduced around 1975. Rose-pink flowers have wavy petals. Very free flowering in March and April. As the open flowers can be damaged by early sun on frost it is best to plant in a location sheltered from one or both. They will grow remarkably well in quite heavy shade. If there are signs of chlorosis feed with a Rhododendron/Azalea tonic to lock up the free calcium that causes chlorosis in Ericaceous plants. This plant can be used in a mixed planting with other species or often other Camellias as a stand alone specimen in the garden or can easily be grown in a pot or other container. Use a good quality Ericaceous John Innes compost as this plant will be there a long time and peaty types of compost eventually degrade and become too packed and choke the roots. Ensure you feed regularly as a hungry plant is a poor performer. We recommend Osmoscote pro 8-9 month applied in the spring as the buds begin to break one application gives all the nutrients the plant requires for the whole year. John Innes is a soils based compost.

More Information
Pot size 9 cm
Size of the Pot 9 cm
Foliage Evergreen
Height ( fully grown ) 3.0 - 3.5 Mtrs
Spread 3.5 - 4.5 Mtrs
flowers Rose-pink flowers have wavy petals
Location Light to heavy shade preferred but will survive in full sun
pruning After flowering to control growth
Other Attributes Glossy green foliage. Good in woodland and Shade locations
Key Feature Upright Shrub
Hardines H5 ( -15 to -10 C)
Soil Type Clay, Fertile, Loam, Peat , Sand
season of interest Spring
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