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Buddleja davidii Buzz Lavender

Buddleja davidii Buzz Lavender

Rosa rugosa Admiration

Rosa rugosa Admiration

Leptospermum lanigerum Silver Sheen

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These charming close relatives of the Myrtles originated in New Zealand and over the years have become very popular in the Uk as garden and patio plants. Modern breeding has produced an extend range of colours and flower forms. Silver Sheen has attractive silvery, dainty, aromatic foliage on reddish stems which contrasts beautifully against a mass of vibrant round single white flowers with very slightest flush of pink, from April toJ uly. Leptospermum perform best in neutral or acidic soil so it is advisable to usean ericaceous compost. They are also somewhat unusual in that while they are hardy down to at least -15c they can be damaged by just a few degrees of frost. For this reason they should be planted outdoors in sheltered sunny locations, preferably against a south facing wall. They are ideal patio plants so can be container grown and moved in to a greenhouse or conservatory in winter. If you prefer they can be grown in a conservatory all year round and pruned to maintain size. A beautiful plant, well worththat little extra effort! Can be used in a mixed planting or as a stand alone specimen in the garden or can easily be grown in a pot or container. When growing in a pot or other container. Use a good quality, preferably ericaceous, compost. Ensure you feed regularly as a hungry plant is a poor performer. We recommend Osmoscote pro 8-9 month applied in the early spring. One application gives all the nutrients the plant requires.

More Information
Pot size 9 cm
Height ( fully grown ) 1.5 - 2.5 m
Spread 1.5 - 2.5 m
flowers Masses of single white with very slightest flush of pink
Location Full Sun Sheltered
pruning After flowering as required to control growth.
Key Feature New Zealand Tea Tree, Common Manuka
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