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Fallopia baldschuanica

Fallopia baldschuanica

Parthenocissus henryana

Parthenocissus henryana

Sollya heterophylla Bluebell Creeper

Sollya heterophylla - Bluebell Creeper - Plant in 3.5" Pot
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These delightful small climbing plants were introduced from Western Australia and have become a popular addition to summer displays. They are only half hardy and must be given winter protection against frost in all but the mildest parts of the Uk. As they are a small plant it should be easy to overwinter in a greenhouse or conservatory. An evergreen plant with attractive narrow leaves and beautiful nodding rich blue bell shaped flowers in summer and autumn followed by oblong dark blue, shiny, edible berries. A delightful addition to most gardens! Can be grown as part of a mixed planting, as an individual specimen, or in a pot or container. Use a good quality John Innes compost as this plant will be there a long time and peaty types of compost eventually degrade and become too packed and choke the roots. Ensure you feed regularly as a hungry plant is a poor performer. We recommend Osmoscote pro 12-14 month applied in the early spring. One application gives all the nutrients the plant requires for the whole year. John Innes is a soils based compost

More Information
Pot size 9 cm
Size of the Pot *
flowers Clusters of nodding mid blue bell shaped flowers
Location Full sun and sheltered from harsh weather. Only suitable outside in the south of the Uk.
Other Attributes Attractive narrowly lanceolate leaves and cylindrical, edible, dark blue berries
Key Feature half hardy
Hardines H3 ( -5 to 1 C)
Soil Type Dry, Fertile, Peat
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